166 Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6NN New Window
0121 638 0522, info@thejqbarandgrill.co.uk
Monday - Sunday: 12 PM - 1 AM
Food Serving Times
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM Monday- Friday
1:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday- Sunday

Welcome to

JQ Bar and Grill

A bistro bar serving authentic Indian food at the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Birmingham’s hottest spot for live sport and Indian food

At The JQ Bar & Grill, we combine incredible Indian cuisine with a casual and comfortable lounge experience.
Situated in Birmingham’s bustling Jewellery quarter, we’re proud to offer our patrons a blend of sophisticated dining alongside leisurely hospitality, accommodating any occasion with consistent service, quality produce, and a friendly atmosphere.
With premium beers on tap, creative cocktails just a shake away, and the finest wines from around the world, we have a tipple for every guest.
So, whether you’re looking to indulge in a complete three-course meal or take in the latest sporting event on the big screen, be sure to visit our bar and grill in Birmingham.

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