The JQ Wings

(5pcs) - £5

Tandoori style chicken wings.

Fish Amritsari

(5pcs) - £6.50

Succulent chunks of fish immersed in an ajwain and gram flour batter delicately spiced and deep-fried to a rich golden colour.

Chilli Chicken


Chopped chicken breast marinated in ginger and garlic paste, fried to make crispy then cooked in a soya and chilli sauce.

Raunaq-E-Sheek Kebabs

(2pcs) - £6.00

Minced lamb complimented by the singing flavors of coriander, capsicum, ginger & green chilli creating an extraordinary play of tastes.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

(4pcs) - £8.00

Tender chops of lamb marinated in a rustic special blend of spices finished to perfection in the tandoor.

Chicken Tikka


Chicken pieces marinated in a special blend of spices and herbs, cooked in a tandoor.

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